Appointment Information

Information about appointments is provided below.
To Schedule an Appointment

To make an appointment, call our office during regular
business hours (9:30am to 4pm). Before your visit, we need
Registration Forms and Referrals (if needed). See below for
Registration Forms

Save time by downloading our registration forms and filling them out (as far as you can) at home! Do not
mail them to us, though. Fax them to 713-960-9300 or bring them yourself. We can also fax the forms to
you if you request. If you need to fill out the forms at our office, allow at least 30 minutes to do so. You
will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to print the forms. Click on the link below to get the forms. If you need the free
Adobe Reader program to view the PDF file registration packet, click on the "Get Adobe Reader"  below.
Cancellations and No-Shows

If for any reason you cannot make your appointment, or may be late, please notify us by phone as soon as
possible, before your appointment. We will accommodate you as possible, however, we may have to
reschedule you for another day if your registration materials are not ready by the time of your appointment.
If you are over 15 minutes late for your appointment, or do not notify us of an appointment cancellation
48 hours
(two business days)
prior to your appointment time, there is a rescheduling fee of $25, regardless of the reason for
the missed visit ($7
5 for no-show without prior call, or for repeat cancellations/no-show). This is not billable to
insurance, and must be paid
by phone before rescheduling your appointment.
Our privacy policy is posted as part of the Registration Packet and can be read there.